Jane's Walk Research

Research bike and walk today -- Lori and Caelan in attendance, also one very big bottle of beer. We rode along Wall Street to New Brighton Park. We then locked the bikes and walked/trespassed into Prince Rupert Fishing Coop Cannery. The result was to find a good place to pee after a very big bottle of beer and a bird carcass. We then were then able to get into the Port itself, under the pretense of going to the Cannery Restaurant. It was still closed. They serve brunch on Saturday and Sundays from 10am-2pm however and the decor is like a pirates' lair.

Now, we thought a potential Jane's Walk could meet at New Brighton Park and walk down Wall Street to the pedestrian overpass (that now is locked) that would lead to the Port and do a little movement there. We could then adjourn in the little park above this bridge for a picnic. We could advertise this performance for 12 noon to 1pm. (Just a suggestion). We could also meet in the next week or so for some development.

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keke said...

I love pictures. Bravo whoever posted photos to this already wicked blog.