JANE'S WALK 2009: Lot 26: Everything Began at Hastings

Join members of behind open doors arts collective in an exploration of the forgotten areas of Vancouver. With a keen attention to how Vancouver's stories are remembered, we'll explore the history of New Brighton Park. This park has a tumultuous history: once a Musqueam clam beach called Khanamoot, the land was sold for 50 bucks and dubbed "Hastings Townsite" -- where it became the leisure destination at the end of the stage coach road from New Westminster.

A trip to the Cannery Restaurant for tea will grant participants access to the restricted areas of the Vancouver Port. Those participants not interested in staying at the Cannery Restaurant can join co-hosts as they exit the surveillance area via the pedestrian overpass to Meditation Park at North Nanaimo and Wall Street.

Stay tuned for the walk info: http://www.thinkcity.ca/walksmay3

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Don't quite know why this has to be such a long link--but anyway--Feel free to add your experiences of New Brighton Park and the Vancouver Port here. We are quite interested in the time before the Port had restricted access.