Urban Exploration

The view out of the storm sewer, curiously devoid of any chicanerie to keep animals and people out...
Baffles cast into the concrete sections slow current... and hide rats?
About two-thirds in I discover a rebar ladder.
There was one missing rung, but otherwise a very climbable system.
I looked out to the forest above through the grating at the top of the ladder.
Outside again I see a fish ladder in some disrepair.


Pile Up!

It was a coincidence that the Millenium Development just happened to be open on this day.



The latest Behind Open Doors initiative is to pile up bodies. Bodypiles. It’s like graffiti using people.

Maybe I am being contrarian today: why does bodypile sound like a terrible hemorrhoidal affliction? Can we can it the Limpet Project or body barnacles or something? Urban mussels? Accretions, stalagmites, igneous humans?