2007 season kick off

Day 1:
participants: Soressa, Mike, Karen, Chris, Jessica, Catherine, Lori, Rachel, Alana
witnesses: Julie
documentation: Rachel, super 8
Monsoon parking lot
gather. rules: minimum 3 people in the space. time limit: 12 minutes
source material: spider man's arm on the giant building on the South West corner. some discussion around whether this parking lot will become condominiums.
2 groups, 1 block radius. choose your space-20 minutes then present.
group 1:
I was a participant in this score
alcove/entrance to old Soma which is now a closed building.
we placed the viewers in the entrance and used the limited vision scape to work with passing by. we found scraps in our wallet and each wrote some notes to give to the viewers to pass through the mail slot. ex. I hear with my ear, something that is high. please deliver to the old Soma mailslot.
group 2:
witness for this score
back alley betwen the parking lot and 10th/Broadway.
soressa's vocalizations coming from a machine hiding under her umbrella and under her jacket.
umbrellas being passed back and forth, cars continually passing through the alley, Catherine teetering on the sidewalk.
I missed any closing discussions
or ideas to carry forward to the next
collective member

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